Welcome to the workshop. Operating from our Carroll Street premises in Dunedin,TRind Service Otago offers a wide range of services and solutions for all jobs of all sizes. Using the latest equipment and working to industrial standards we can maintain, repair or rewind most electric motors, generators and pumps. We are WEG high efficiency electric motor suppliers which includes full after service requirements and advice for the Otago Region.


Preventative maintenance saves you money and is a vital part of ensuring the longevity of your machinery and keeping your operation going. Interruptions are costly and replacements can be expensive - Maintenance is predictable and cost effective.

TRind Service Otago employs both rewinders and service technicians, enabling us to isolate affected plant on site and carry out diagnostics and repairs fast and efficiently.

For scheduled maintenance services that can be tailored to suit your requirements, give us a call talk to us about your options.


For all repairs we offer in-house or on-site inspections and provide an estimate of cost prior to commecing work. We will discuss the best course of action and work with you to get your problem solved as fast as possible.

We cover

  • All single and three phase motors (rewinding and repair)
  • All DC rewinding and repair
  • DC traction motor rewinding and repair
  • Generator rewinding and repair
  • Transformer design, manufacture and rewinding
  • Commutator repair
  • Welder repairs and rewinds
  • Truck brake retarder repair
  • Hydro generator repairs
  • Commercial food equipment repairs

We offer delivery and pick-up services and all jobs are tracked and treated with care and urgency.


Sometimes it is less costly to buy a new unit rather than repair or rewind. We stock or source a wide variety of parts and units from a range of suppliers. If it can't be repaired, we can organise a replacement.

  • Single phase motors (all ranges)
  • Three phase motors (0.12kW - 150kW in stock)
  • Three phase motors (150kW - 550kW overnight, larger on order)
  • Parts and components
  • Pumps, Generators and Variable Speed Drives
  • Capacitors
  • Variable speed drives
  • Soft starters
  • DOL starters
  • SKF bearings

For more information take a look at the product pages.


If a replacement or parts are not available, difficult to obtain or simply not cost effective, refurbishing existing motors can be an option. EMD specialises in refurbishing existing equipment and giving new life to older machines. We can also convert existing, working, motors to suit new requirements.

Refurbishing existing motors can save you money. Talk to us about options!